aerstent® TBS

Trachea Bronchus Stent

Leufen Medical offers a comprehensive range of self-expandable tracheal and bronchial stents with diameters from 10 to 22 mm and lengths from 20 to 80 mm.

TBS stents have design features such as atraumatic ends and a strong radial force which helps to prevent migration.

The tracheal and bronchial stents are pre-mounted on a reloadable delivery system. For a precise positioning, the stent can be retracted into the delivery system during the procedure.

Other sizes and types are available as custom made stents. See form “Request for Customization”.


  • Stent with complete silicone cover
  • Atraumatic ends
  • High radial force due to Nitinol
  • Reloadable delivery system Working length 600 mm, OTW
    Ø 6 mm / 18 French: (for stent Ø 10, 12 und 14 mm)
    Ø 8 mm / 24 French: (for stent Ø 16, 18, 20 und 22 mm)

Ordering Information

Please download our catalog for an overview of all available lengths and diameters.

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