Modular disposable endoscopic catheter for cholangio- and pancreatoscopy

For many years, Polydiagnost has been developing innovative solutions for advanced micro‑endoscopy. A modular disposable endoscopic catheter, the PolyScope is a unique system for cholangioscopy and pancreatoscopy, which meets highest standards of diagnosis and treatment.

With an outer diameter of only 8F / 2.64 mm, the PolyScope can be inserted with a guide wire and provides excellent maneuverability in the duct system. The high resolution optical fiber (10,000 pixels / 120°) provides excellent view. A 1.2 mm diameter working channel is available for biopsy, irrigation, and stone manipulation.

The PolyScope is sterile disposable product providing optimal hygiene and preventing any cross contamination. A reusable optical fiber is guided through a sealed channel and is at no time in contact with the patient.

The PolyScope is compatible with the available endoscopic camera systems and light sources. 
No further investment is needed.

  • Precise examination and therapy in one procedure
  • Differentiation of benign and malignant intraductal findings
  • Targeted biopsy for precise description of intraductal tumor spread prior to surgery
  • Fragmentation and removal of difficult bile duct or pancreatic duct stones
  • Ablation in biliary malignancy
  • Insertion of a biliary drainage under POC control
  • Controlled removal of foreign bodies (e.g. prostheses, stents)

No processing necessary

The PolyScope ensures high patient safety, process availability and legal certainty.


  • Double sterile packed disposable endoscopic catheter
  • Outstanding illumination of the field of view due to integrated light guide
  • Reusable optical fiber with a resolution of 10.000 pixels
  • Catheter with a diameter of 8 French / 2.64 mm and a working length of 185 cm, excellent maneuverability due to the controllable catheter tip
  • 1.2 mm working and irrigation channel for biopsy forceps, stone-catcher baskets, laser- and EHL-probes
  • Particularly economical application by use of existing camera systems and light sources of all common manufacturers. No additional investment costs.

PolyScope — Components


Components of modular catheter system

PD PS-0144p

PolyScope —
Catheter 8F / 185 cm, sterile / disposable

PD CA-0108

Y-Adapter with valve entry, sterile

PD TI-6214

Stonecatcher Basket, 4-wire – disposable

WK 1110FS-220

Biopsy Forceps, ∅ 1.0 mm, oval spoon, without thorn,
length 220 cm, sterile / disposable

PD FS-4001

Ocular fix-focus black

PD AC-0093

3-Joints-Arm for 2 oculars – screw fixation

PD PS-0095

Flexible Optic for PolyScope
185 cm – 10.000 pixels / 0°/ 120° – Length 300 cm

PD LC-9551

PolyScope Light Guide Adapter

PD LC-3001

Light Guide incl. Adapter

PD PS-0120

Combishifter — for length balance of the optic